5 Best Omelette Makers in 2018

An omelet maker is an essential appliance that you should consider adding to your kitchen to help prepare a quick breakfast. They are easy to use even for the kids without coming into contact with the cooker. Currently, there are numerous omelet makers in the market with distinct features and prices. So, how do you choose the best omelette maker? Below are some of the best omelet makers that you should consider.

5. Holstein Housewares HH-0937012SS Omelet Maker


Holstein omelet maker is your best partner in preparing a healthy breakfast for your family within a short time of about ten minutes. This will help you save time than you would when preparing using the conventional pan. One feature that set this omelet maker apart from the rest is the unique design that gives the omelet a petal shape.

Interestingly, Holstein is a popular brand in kitchen appliances in more than ten countries. Established in 2007, the brand has always strived to provide their clients with appliances that meet their needs. Holstein omelet maker is one of their popular products.

This omelet maker has separate sections that enable you to make two omelets at the same time. The indicator light will turn on when you plug the maker into the power source and signify a preheating status. Once it is ready to cook, the green light turns on. Holstein omelet maker is among the best omelette maker in the market.

Perfect for: omelletes and pancakes
Weight: 2.8 pounds/ 12.7kgs
Size: 10×4.5×8.1 inches/ 25×11.43×20.57 centimeters
Material: stainless steel
Power usage: 120V~60Hz 760W
Why We Liked It: It is available in different colors

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4. Dash DOM001RD Nonstick Omelette Maker


The Dash nonstick omelet maker helps you to prepare you breakfast within a few minutes. It has a unique flip design that occupies less storage space and enables you to cook on both sides, making it one of the best omelette maker.

The omelet maker is easy to use and starts to preheat once connected to the plug. When the preheating is done, the green light indicates ready status. It features two separate nonstick cooking surfaces that heat evenly within a short time. The nonstick feature also facilitates an effortless cleaning process.

You are required to use cooking oil or spray to ensure an easy release of the omelet from the maker. Your omelet will be prepared within six to ten minutes, faster than most omelet makers in the market. However, you can extend the time if you require your omelet browner.

To cook the omelet on both sides, you will need to turn the maker on the other side. This procedure is clearly explained in the manual enabling you to prepare restaurant-style omelet recipes at the convenient of your kitchen. The unique design of the cooking surface gives the omelet an oval shape.

Perfect for: Eggs, frittatas, paninis, pizza pockets
Weight: 2.14pounds / 0.97kgs
Size: 3.14×4.8×11.3 inches / 7.97x12x28.7 cm
Material: nonstick
Power usage: 700W
Why We Liked It: It is quick and easy to use

3. Holstein Housewares HF-09010B Fun Omelet Maker


The Holstein fun omelet maker features an appealing design than most conventional best omelette maker options. One major advantage of this maker is that children can be able to use it without messing around. Holstein brand has been widely accepted for their easy to use kitchen appliances that offer quality services.

Fun omelet maker is capable of making two different omelets simultaneously within a short time. This shortens the time you spend in the kitchen to attend to other tasks. You only need to prepare your ingredients and pour on the unit and your omelet will be ready within ten minutes. Due to its distinctive design, the maker gives the omelet a unique oval shape.

Indicator light shows when the preheating is done and ready to cook. Actually, it only takes a few minutes for the pan to heat and also to cook your omelet. Cooking surfaces are nonstick enabling easier cooking and cleaning. When using this maker, it is prudent to use cooking oil or spray for the omelet to slide easily. The cooking oil and spray help to extend the lifespan of the unit.

Perfect for: spinach omelette, banana and cheese omelete etc
Weight: 3.5pounds/1.5kgs
Size: 9x8x4 inches /22×20.32×10.16 centimeters
Material: Plastic
Power usage: 120V ~60Hz 760W
Why We Liked It: Requires less storage space

2. Cuisinart WAF-B50 Breakfast Express Waffle and Omelet Maker


The advantage of the Cuisinart Breakfast Express is that you can make both an omelet and waffle at the same time. This will considerably save you money that you could have otherwise used in restaurants for breakfast. The unit is produced by Conair Corporation that has been making a wide range of kitchen appliances for over four decades.

What makes this unit the best omelette maker it is the two sides, one for cooking the omellete and the other for waffles. In the recent past, this unit has been gaining populace due to its innovative cooking. In addition, the maker has a very simple cooking procedure. You just have to add your ingredients on one side, close, flip and add on the other side and the meal will be ready within a short while.

The control knobs are an added feature that differentiates this unit from other omelet makers. It enables you to custom cook your omelet by adjusting the temperatures. The on and off switch is another feature that makes Cuisinart Breakfast Express unique from best omelette maker in the market. Additionally, there are two indicator lights, one for the omelet side and for the waffle side. The green light indicates when the unit preheats and ready to cook and when the cooking is done.

Unlike many units, the Cuisinart Breakfast Express has an indicator beep that indicates the ready to cook status and when the cooking is complete. Due to these added features, the unit produces omelet and waffles that look professionally prepared.

Perfect for: Waffles, pancakes, fried eggs etc
Weight: 12.85pounds/5.85kgs
Size: 10.9x16x10.2inches/ 27.67×40.64×25.91 centimeters
Material: stainless steel
Power usage: 1400W
Why We Liked It: Featured with control knobs and ON/OFF switch

1. Lekue Omelette Maker


The Lekue omelet maker is one of the easy to use omelet maker in the market. This model can help you fix your omelet in under five minutes. Unlike most makers, you do not require oil or butter to make your omelet.

Since it is foldable, it saves a lot of space and can fit anywhere in your kitchen. Surprisingly, it can withstand extreme temperatures of between -60O C-220O C. Therefore, the performing capacity will not change even if you put in the microwave or in the fridge.

Most omelet makers are made of metals and it is advisable to coat the surfaces with oil or butter to increase longevity. However, Lekue omelet maker is made of platinum silicone and therefore cannot crack like gals materials or get corroded like metal materials. In addition, it is BPA free for healthier omelets.

Perfect for: Quickly prepare healthy omelets
Weight: 8 ounces/ 0.23kgs
Size: 9×4.5×1 inches/22×11.43×2.4 centimeters
Material: silicone
Power usage: n/a
Why We Liked It: It is easy to use and store


There are numerous omelet makers in the market and finding the best that will fit your needs can be a difficult task. When choosing the best omelette maker, there are certain factors you need to consider. For instance, you have to ensure that the omelet maker produces omelets that have great taste. In addition, you may require an omelet maker that saves you on time. Have you used any of these models? Or do you want to recommend another best omelette maker? Please share in the comments!

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